Simply Beautiful: North American Dig.Drop.Done™ Campaign Demystifies Flowering Bulbs

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., July 27, 2011 – The flowering bulb is the little black dress of the flower world. It's one of the simple things that women can trust to make their lives beautiful. Called complicated and finicky, flower bulbs are actually some of the most reliable and fail-proof blooms available.

Here to illustrate this fact is Dig.Drop.Done, a three-year, North American educational campaign designed to demystify flowering bulbs and help women take advantage of their beauty, while not taking advantage of consumers' time.

"Most of the information out there about bulbs is intimidating for the first-time or occasional planter," said Henk Westerhof, a 26-year veteran of the bulb industry and spokesman for the Dig.Drop.Done Foundation, the driving force behind the campaign comprised of members from Holland’s Royal trade association for nursery stock and flower bulbs. "Books and websites are filled to the brim with numerous species, lengthy planting guides and tedious details on the ins and outs of gardening with bulbs. It's easy to infer that these plants must be time consuming and require a high level of gardening knowledge."

Dig.Drop.Done brings to life how easy flowering bulbs really are. At the heart of the Dig.Drop.Done campaign is a clean, pared-down website that is easily navigable for the avid gardener and the first-time planter. The site is so simple, you don't even need to know species names or soil conditions. You just need to appreciate beauty.

At you can peruse flowers by bloom time or light requirements, and get simple planting instructions. "The amazing thing about bulbs is that some don't even require soil, so there is absolutely no mess," said Westerhof. "And you don't need a garden space or a love of the outdoors. Many bulbs will be just as happy indoors as out."

Bulbs 101

A flower bulb is a miraculous little storehouse that holds not only a future flower, but also all the nutrition the bulb needs to produce its first season's blooms. Once the blooms have faded, the foliage feeds the bulb so it will be ready to produce beautiful flowers next season. It's a self-sustaining cycle.

Don’t let the idea of planting intimidate you—all the bulb needs from you is to be placed in the ground at the right time of year, some water to quench its thirst and a little time to grow.

Flower bulbs should be planted as soon as possible after you have purchased them, although it can vary depending on local climate. Here’s a good rule of thumb: the colder the climate, the earlier you should plant. Regardless, spring-flowering bulbs must be planted before the first hard frost (the preceding fall) to allow for sufficient root development. For more information, go to

Meet the Ladies

Still have no clue where to start? Dig.Drop.Done has that covered as well. Say hello to Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn, three personalities designed to help consumers figure out how bulbs fit into their busy and varied lives. Are you a harried mother with lots of responsibilities but little time? Ask Marcy how she incorporates the kids into her gardening routine. Do you revel in fashion yet revolt at the idea of dirt under your fingernails? Watch Juliana reveal how she uses bulbs as part of her avant-garde approach to home beautification. Is your nest empty and your garden full? Review Evelyn's methods of adding color throughout the seasons

"Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn are here to help women relate to the role of flowering bulbs in their own lives," said Westerhof. There are so many women in their 20s and 30s that have never been exposed to flowering bulbs. They need some place to start."

In addition to the website, consumers can get a glimpse of Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn in their entertaining YouTube videos, on Facebook, Twitter and in print and digital advertisements.

About Dig.Drop.Done.

Dig.Drop.Done™ is a three-year, North American educational campaign to introduce flowering bulbs to a new generation of potential gardeners and demystify the bulb-growing process. Through a website, digital and print advertising, social media and public relations, the campaign will show women just how simple, beautiful and rewarding flowering bulbs can be. Dig.Drop.Done is sponsored by the Dig.Drop.Done Foundation (members of Holland’s Royal trade association for nursery stock and flower bulbs), the International Flower Bulb Centre and Scheepvaart Commissie (Dutch export reserve fund). For more information, visit


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